Eat Italian Food To Stay Fit

August 12, 2018

Italian cuisine is light, non-fattening, contains no cholesterol, is inexpensive and provides unforgettable moments. The great Italian cuisine is deceptively simple. Achieve subtle and complex culinary feats with a few natural ingredients, fresh and without disguise. It is clean and healthy, and offers a glorified food, usually a few calories and low in cholesterol, but much more interesting than most of the procedures that doctors recommend.

A typical Italian food is completely vegetarian: a pasta sauce, fresh tomatoes and wine. Desserts may include some fresh fruit or fresh bread with a little cheese, and finally the coffee: espresso strong, prepared just before serving. Even the sauces can be simple and few calories. One of the secrets of Italian magic works wonders with a few simple ingredients, is to achieve the right combination, knowing exactly which harmonizes with that. The Italians make their meals as a painter who has the elements for a painting: with a sense of proportion and harmony.

In Italy, the common denominator is the pasta, synonymous with the food. Pasta teachers say there are over one hundred varieties. The ingredients are the same, but the forms have different taste and consistency. The variety of pasta increases considerably according to what people do with it. Can be boiled or jumping into the oven, served with a myriad of sauces, stuffed with meat or vegetables. Find out more info click

Fish and shellfish also in great demand. The Italians eat good seafood near the coast. Other basic dishes that can replace the pasta are polenta and rice. Italian dishes based on meat are delicious. And what about his few but very famous cheeses Parmigiano (Parmesan), which is made from a few thousand years, also found the Gorgonzola cheese, the creamy provolone, the mozzarella, ricotta and bet paese.

Fortunately the Italian cuisine is much easier to imitate overseas than many other international cuisine. Furthermore it is one of the healthiest cuisines that can provide greater comfort and energy. Find out more info click Milk Pros and Cons

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