History of Italian Food and New York

August 26, 2018

Italian food has been around since 4th century BCE. Wine, cheese, and coffee are important parts of Italian dishes. Its cuisine focuses on using seasonal and quality ingredients. Simplicity is the key to Italian dishes. Olive oil is a major staple of most Italian cuisine also. One of the main dishes is pasta.

An Italian menu consists of an Aperitivo; this is Italian for appetizer. Antipasto comes next, which is Italian for before meal appetizer. Next is Primo, this means 1st course in Italian. Then there is Secondo, which is Italian for 2nd course. Contorno comes after Secondo, and is the Italian word for side dish. Then Formaggio e frutta, Italian for cheese and fruits. There is Dolce, this means sweet in Italian. Next to last is Caffe, which means coffee in Italian. Last is Digestivo, this is the Italian word for digestives such as liquors like grappa.

There are many great Italian Restaurants in New York. I have added a few here that you can try the next time you dine out in New York.

Babbo is located at 110 Waverly place between 6th Ave. and Macdougal St. in New York. Babbo is owned and operated by world-renowned chef Mario Batali. It features Italian cuisine in its traditional and simplest form. All dishes are created by Mario Batali personally.

Arqua is located on 281 Church St. at White St in New York. They serve Northern Italian cuisine. They have a dining area that is elegant but casual. A few dishes they serve are grilled polenta and artichoke lasagna.

Felidia is located at 243 E. 58th St. between 2nd and 3rd Ave. in New York. They serve authentic Italian cuisine. Felidia is a charming renovated townhouse. One of their famous appetizers is Istrian Wedding Pillows. Find out more info click milkprocon.org

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