How to Eat Italian Food on a Date

October 14, 2018

This week I want to focus on table manners while eating Italian food. Believe me, if you’re out on a dinner date and you have bad table manners, you’re going to make a bad impression on your date.

I know this is not fair, but sometimes when you’re out on a first date, especially, and you turn your date off with your bad table manners, she may not even want to date you again. You have been pre-judged as a person that was not raised right, eats like a pig, and a person that shows lack of respect for your date.

I eat a lot of Italian food and I always look around at the guys that are with dates. And sure enough, you will see guys stuffing a fork full of pasta into their mouths and biting off the strands with their teeth and letting the remainder of the pasta fall into their plate.

This makes you look like a pig and turns off your date! Let me tell you the proper way to eat pasta so you don’t embarrass yourself and your date. It’s called the “Twirling Method” and here’s how to do it:

1. Just grab a few strands of your pasta with your fork and twirl the strands using the end of your fork against your plate. This way you will end up with a bite size portion to put into your mouth.

2. This is a variation of the above method using a spoon: Instead of twisting the pasta around your fork against your plate, you put pasta in your spoon you are holding in your left hand, and twirl your fork around the pasta in the spoon and take a bite size portion.

So, the next time you are eating pasta with a date, please remember to use the “Twirling Method” to eat pasta. Also, never wear a white shirt when eating pasta, because it never fails that you will get the sauces on your shirt.

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