Italian Food in Bangkok

November 11, 2018

Bangkok is a great place for food lovers – in this article we’re going to look at some Italian restaurants there.

Basically you can find food everywhere in Bangkok. On every street corner there is some food vendor – some have pushcarts, some have shops, some have motorbikes with attached food trolleys, some just put a blanket on the street and sell food that way.

I have eaten in hundreds of these places, and so far never had any kind of problem – thus I assume it is safe to say the food is pretty clean in Bangkok. Of course you want to use common sense. Sometimes you can get raw meat or shrims – I wouldn’t eat this if I’m not absolutely sure that this is clean and fresh.

Thai people love to enjoy life – and one ingredient of a good life for Thai people is good food. The nice thing is that they are also very open minded when it comes to food. They basically assimilate cooking techniques and ingredients from every culture in the world.

The most dominant influences on Thai cuisine are not surprisingly Chinese and Indian. For obvious reasons (Thailand is geographically located between these two most populous countries in the world).

Nowadays there are also many Italian restaurants in Bangkok. Granted, it’s not what you necessarily think of first.

One of the best Italian restaurants is the Biscotti restaurant in the Four Seasons hotel. As you can imagine prices are a bit more upscale there, the ambiance is what Thai people call “high-so” (high society). Their pizzas are really nice and crusty and not surprisingly they offer a great selection of excellently prepared seafoods. One of my personal favorites there is the Porcini and Wild Mushroom Soup and as a dessert the Panna Cotta al Mango is fabulous. Find out more info click

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