Percentage of Lactose Intolerance by Ethnicity (and Geographic Region)

Lactose Intolerance ,Milk Research
December 29, 2017

Lactose intolerance percentages were taken directly from the source referenced. The fact that some percentages are exact and others are provided as a range is the result of the research methodologies used by the authors of the respective studies. Please note that the data below references lactose intolerance only and not milk allergy. For information on the differences between Lactose Intolerance and Milk Allergy please click here.

Ethnicity / Geographic Region % With Lactose Intolerance
1. East Asian 90-100%1
2. Indigenous (North America) 80-100%3
3. Central Asian 80%1
4. African American (North America) 75%2
5. African (Africa) 70-90%1
6. Indian (Southern India) 70%1
7. French (Southern France) 65%1
8. Ashkenazi Jew (North America) 60-80%3
9. Balkans Region 55%1
Ethnicity / Geographic Region % With Lactose Intolerance
10. Latino/Hispanic (North America) 51%2
11. Indian (Northern India) 30%1
12. Anglo (North America) 21%2
13. Italian (Italy) 20-70%1
14. French (Northern France) 17%1
15. Finnish (Finland) 17%1
16. Austrian (Austria) 15-20%1
17. German (Germany) 15%1
18. British (U.K.) 5-15%1



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