Restaurants – Italian Food

September 23, 2018

Eating Italian food is almost like romancing a woman. Italian food is more than just a meal, it’s an experience. That’s why when you go into an Italian restaurant, there is just nothing like it. The atmosphere is like no other place on the planet, from the music being piped in from old Italy, to the paintings on the walls. A good Italian restaurant feels like you’ve walked into 17th century Italy.

The trouble is, these days, it’s very hard to find a good Italian restaurant. With everything being fast food today, most of your Italian places are either pizzerias, Pizza Huts, or fast food chains like Sbarros. Finding a classic Italian restaurant in the states, like they used to have back in the 60s and 70s is like looking for the missing link. But when you do find one, this is what you can expect to get there.

For starters, a good Italian restaurant will have a wine list of just about every Italian wine you could possibly want. The list reads like a who’s who of Italian wineries. Don’t even think of asking the waiter for a mixed drink as he’s likely to deck you. Oh and by the way, the waiters are all Italians.

The appetizers are absolutely to die for. You’ve got your usual fair which includes fried zucchini, roasted garlic, stuffed portabello, mushrooms stuffed with crab meat and fried provolone, just to name a few. The appetizers alone are enough to fill you up so you won’t even need the main course.

And the salads. Italian restaurant salads can be a meal in themselves. You don’t just get a dish with a little lettuce and some carrots. You get a salad the size of Manhattan Island. And don’t ask for any kind of dressing other than Italian or oil and vinegar. Yeah, the waiter will deck you for that too.

As for the main dishes, just about every Italian main dish has something to do with pasta, whether it be spaghetti, linguini, ziti or whatever. Most of the dish, as it is with Chinese food, is made up of the pasta. However, you do get quite a bit of meat with your meal too. Italians love to eat and they love to feed you. Without a doubt there is no type of restaurant that gives you more food than an Italian restaurant. It would take three Chinese restaurant meals to make up one Italian restaurant meal. Some of the more famous Italian dishes are chicken catchatori, veil parmesan and spaghetti and meatballs. However, there are literally over 100 Italian dishes you could choose from in a good Italian restaurant. Find out more info click Milk Pros and Cons

Italian desserts are probably the most unusual, at least to Americans. They include things with names like spumoni and tortoni. If you don’t know what they are, find yourself a good Italian restaurant and experience them. I promise you that it will be an evening out that you will never forget.

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